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With increasing car thefts in Australia, your precious vehicles are always at a risk of getting stolen. Thieves are findings new ways to break the security systems that come as default systems with your new car. Therefore, you will need to have an upgraded system to prevent your vehicle theft, so that you have a peace of mind, wherever you park them.

Here is where we at Cobra Security Systems can help you safeguard your cars. We are the best car security system providers in Sydney.

Why Cobra Security Systems?

To start with, we offer highly advanced mobile car alarms Sydney. These upgraded alarms are conveniently interfaced with vehicles ECU or computer. We offer a digital back-up battery along with the alarms for added protection. Unlike other security devices available in the market, our products are much simpler to use or uninstall.

Features of security alarms from Cobra:

  • Much convenient to by-pass the security when you don't need it
  • The valuables inside your vehicles will always be safe
  • The alarm systems are quite audible, and they efficiently alert you or anyone near your vehicle
  • They are available with the latest air pressure sensor or digital ultrasonic technology
  • Our alarm systems are very affordable, and you could buy the basic models for just $199

With our advanced security systems, you won't have to worry about losing your cars anymore. Our products are compatible with a range of automobiles from companies like General Motors, Mitsubishi, Nissans, Fords, BMWs, Subaru Toyota, and so on.

Some of the advanced protection features include:

  • Alarm memory led indicator
  • engine cut off
  • emergency override PIN code

Unlimited advantages of using our specialized sensors for your automobile:

  • Sensors send high frequency sound waves and protect the vehicle's cabin area
  • Any kind of intrusion into or near the cabin area will trigger the alarm
  • We install small sensors of about 6 mm on both the sides of the windscreen
  • Our highly advanced device detects when the glass is smashed or broken
  • These sensors are reasonably prices from $299 to $1000.

We offer three types of trackers to our clients:

  • With our Smart Tracker basic, you will receive an SMS as soon as the vehicle alarm gets activated
  • The second type of tracker will not only send you an SMS, but help you to track your stolen vehicle with a smart phone.
  • Type 3 tracker provides a complete 24/7 live tracker system. It will monitor your vehicle and protect it from being tampered.

Our customer reviews:

We take great pride in announcing that all our customers are completely satisfied with our products. You can check out our customer reviews to understand more about quality of products that we deliver.

Mobile car installation Sydney:

Our staff and electricians are fully trained to repair and install latest security systems in your cars. Contact us today to enhance the security of your prized vehicles.


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