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If they can’t start it, then they can’t drive it!

All our Cobra alarms incorporate a “passive” immobiliser. However, even if you don’t have an alarm you should at least have an immobiliser for minimum protection


How does an immobiliser work?

An engine immobiliser is a device that will prevent the vehicle from starting. All Cobra vehicle alarms incorporate an immobiliser system. There are also standalone vehicle immobilisers that just prevent the vehicle from starting only. Our range of immobilisers are built to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4601: 1999

Our immobilisers are accepted and approved by most major insurance companies.

Essentially all immobilisers work the same way and can either immobilise one, two or three separate points in the vehicle. These are usually fuel pump, ignition and starter motor.

All our immobilisers use all black wiring for security.

All immobilisers are “passively” operated meaning that 60 seconds after the vehicle is turned off the immobiliser will self activate. There are two (2) different types of immobilisers. Each has a different deactivation method . These are:-


What are the choices?


Two remote control devices approximately 3cm x 2cm are supplied. These are rolling code technology meaning that the coding is changed each time they are used, making it very high security. There is a flashing dashboard warning light (LED) and this system can control central locking if the vehicle has full central locking standard or we can supply and fit a system to your vehicle.


You are supplied with a little tubular device 2cm long and 0.5 cm round. This is usually attached to your key ring and we install a special sensor coil behind the dashboard. As you turn the ignition “on” the sensor reads the tag on your key ring and disables the immobiliser.

Our proximity immobiliser is “seamless”. It is fully automatic and not intrusive.


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