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COBRA is one of the Innovator of high security world recognised systems

  • Cobra is renown as one of the leaders in automotive security technology
  • Cobra is sold in twenty three (23) countries around the world today
  • It is also used by eighteen (18) motor manufactures around the world


Cobra was the Innovator of the remote control alarm in Australia

Cobra Australasia Pty Ltd is the Australian and South Pacific exclusive distributor for the manufacturer of the Cobra alarm system manufactured by Cobra Technologies.

The first Cobra product was developed in the late 1970's and it was one of the very first remote control operated car alarms in the world. At that time even the top American car alarm systems were very primitive compared to Cobra.

Today Cobra has grown to be one of the largest car alarm manufacturers in the world. With a whole team just dedicated to product development and research and building products to such high standard as ISO 9001/9002/9003 it is no wonder that the Cobra product is used as the reference or yard stick in the industry.

The Cobra product is sold worldwide in twenty two different countries and is used by eighteen different motor manufacturers for the protection of their vehicles. Some of these manufacturers include Audi, VW, Golf, Nissan and it was the first alarm system to be chosen to be installed by General Motors Holden right here is Australia.

In Australia we have national sales and service operation ensuring if you travel around we can service your alarm in every state as well as New Zealand.

There are many companies that try to offer copies of Cobra or cheaper inferior alarms that state that they are the same for a cheaper price. Do not be fooled. You soon will forget the cheap price when they start to malfunction or stop working altogether.


The Company has several divisions. One is a very strong communications development organisation with such credits to its name as the development of Australia's first approved cordless phone. The complexity, advanced technology, and unique design of this phone surprised even Japan's leading cordless telephone manufacturer who highly praised the designer's capabilities. The well-known mini-phone, the loud speaking telephone, and contribution to recent legislation allowing customers to plug in their own phones (thus saving connection fees and rent) are all accredited to the group.

AUTOPAGE is a division dedicated to the design, development and marketing of Automotive Security Systems. Like the Communications Division, AUTOPAGE has many years of experience in the field. By specialising in "state-of-the-art" technology AUTOPAGE has enjoyed great success in the Australian market and is highly successful in world markets in Europe, the United Kingdom, Greece, Japan, the United States of America, South Africa, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Utilising the latest resources of technology and electronics AUTOPAGE has now entered the field of micro-computers and has developed these for use in sophisticated car security systems giving customers maximum efficiency and technology at a low cost compared to obsolescent current technology.

The success of the company is reflected by the results achieved by AUTOPAGE's latest product, the AUTOPAGE COBRA, a comprehensive range of the latest and most sophisticated alarm systems available in the country. Special coded radio-control systems, ultrasonic scanning, self-contained batteries, sirens and controls are the secret of the success of COBRA. The 7918 /832A (Australian Standards approved Cobra is now being recommended by major insurance companies. Cobra alarms have the seal of approval of the Automobile Association of the UK. The NRMA's "Open Road" of December, 1983 said; "Of the alarms tested Cobra rated the best". The opinion of the RAC of Queensland was similar, as is the opinion of many motoring publications.

The policy of AUTOPAGE is to give the customer the latest technology, the best protection, and the ultimate in service at the most reasonable price.

Would you leave your Rolex on the sidewalk, why leave your car there unprotected


Strike Back at Car Thieves with a Cobra

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