Cobra Car Alarms

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Internet Trackable

This tracking option means that the vehicle is constantly monitored 24 / 7 and in the event of alarm condition it will alert the operator and advise them of an alarm condition also if the vehicle is moved or towed without the ignition being “on”

Today with the sophistication of keyless ignition systems “carjacking” is becoming more frequent Car thieves need the car key to drive the vehicle. They break into your home or work, hold you up with a weapon or throw you out of the vehicle to take the vehicle or get the keys.

With “live” tracking all you have to do is let them take the car and contact the monitoring station and they will alert police and once the Police are behind the vehicle they can instruct the monitoring operator to remotely immobilise the vehicle under safe conditions

This ensures the owner / drivers safety and minimises damage to the vehicle


Strike Back at Car Thieves with a Cobra

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