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Why you need a Cobra Car Alarm System?

You car is usually your most or second most valuable asset. It is though, your most vulnerable asset as it is parked in shopping centres, railway stations and often in dark secluded streets. Often with irreplaceable personal possessions such as children's photos, work on a laptop, etc. and these sort of items are not covered by insurance.

Stealing from cars is three times greater than car theft. "Sure, the car's insured", you may say until it happens then you are faced with a big excess, loss of no claim bonus and in most cases the car is off the road for weeks sometimes months waiting for parts.

Lately “CAR JACKING” is on the increase with new cars with keyless ignition systems press button start. That's when the thieves throw you out of the car and steal the car and thats when the “COBRA “SMART TRACKER” comes in to play. Let Cobra tell you how little it costs to have piece of mind and protect your asset. Cobra is known world wide to be one of the leaders in car security and having up to date technology and skills in protecting motor vehicles from theft.


Strike Back at Car Thieves with a Cobra

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