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AutoPage SMS Boat Alarm

The Autopage Cobra Marine SMS alarm is a unique “wireless” alarm system designed for simple installation in boats, motor homes and caravans

The system can have up to eight different zones. All detectors are wireless for ease of installation yet retain their security by communicating with the control unit at all times making it tamper proof and secure. The system can be activated by the remote controls (2) supplied or by SMS from your mobile telephone. In the event of an alarm condition the unit will SMS up to five (5) independent mobile telephone numbers anywhere in the world. You can activate interrogate or deactivate the system by SMS from anywhere in the world. You even have the option to turn on an appliance by remote control via SMS . The system includes a siren with strobe light, flashing warning light and back-up battery internal siren. The system is designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

The Autopage™ Marine SMS enables 2-way communication via SMS Text Messaging between you and your vessel via your GSM mobile phone. The system protects your boat at your marina, private jetty or anywhere within mobile coverage from your chosen network provider. It is a sophisticated alarm system using the latest in GSM communications and wireless alarm technology. If an intruder boards your vessel or smoke is detected, alert messages will be sent to up to 5 mobiles. SIM Card required.

The System Includes:

  • 2 Code Hopping Remote Controls
  • 1 Wireless PIR Detector For Sensing the Body Movement of an Intruder in the Cabin
  • 1 Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Main Control Unit, Siren & Strobe
  • Hardwired Alarm inputs for contact switches, Microwave Detectors etc
  • Upto 3 Additional Wireless Alarm Detectors can be added including: PIR, Reed Switch and Smoke Detector

Your Autopage™ Marine Can Send SMS Messages To Up To 5 Mobile Phones Advising:

  • Alarm Activation And Cause - If no response, your system will dial the main user.
  • Panic / Duress Activation
  • Vessel Low Battery Warning

From your mobile phone you can:

  • Arm/Disarm the System
  • Turn On /Off accessory items - ie Bilge Pumps, Fridges


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