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Car Security Tips

Car alarms are vital to protect every car and its accessories. An excellent security system makes it difficult for thieves to steal your car. Remote systems are the latest innovation that gives wide protection to the vehicles.

Protecting a car is similar to protecting your family. Your car includes many valuable interior accessories that need a potent security system. Moreover, insurance companies give an advantage of lower rates to vehicles geared with efficient car alarms. Thus, the security system pays for itself.

Car Security System – Working

After leaving the car press on the button, that controls your system. A siren will tweet and you will hear the doors lock, which indicates that your car is shielded. If by accident, a door is not closed properly the system will warn you with different sound.

You can walk away with assurance and confidence. When some prospective thief walks to the car, a flashing LED light alerts them that your vehicle is equipped with strong security system. Often this is an adequate reason for vandals to abandon you car and move elsewhere.

If the thief attempts to mess up with your car, first there may be a warning chirp or a bursting siren blast. The severity of tampering and kind of sensors tripped by the thief will determine the kind of alert sound.

Turn off the security system as you approach near your car along with release of door locks. Remote control can also be used to start the siren, if you cannot find your car and locate it.

Outstanding ‘Must-have’ Features

  • The 2-way remote will provide a feedback of your cars response to commands
  • Motion sensors allow you to keep your windows open. They are excellent for shielding the cargo areas of trucks and vans. If anyone raids your space, the sensors activate the alarm sounds.
  • Glass break sensors trigger, when they hear window breaking. It surprises thieves, who believe they can by-pass alarms without opening the door.
  • Tilt sensors monitor the leaning of parked vehicle for an attempt to tow or jack up your car.
  • With driver’s side priority open sensor, you can unlock the door on driver’s side without unlocking other doors.
  • An auxiliary output helps you to upgrade car alarms capacities by adding advanced features in future.
  • Remote starting allows you convenience – It helps you to cool your car in summer and warm it in winter in advance. The remote start features can be added with remote start module later on, if it is not built in your car security system.
  • Smart phone integration provides you an unlimited range for control.
  • Adding GPS helps to monitor the location of your car as well as receive signals, when it enters or leaves your pre-programmed zone or is traveling very fast.

We at Cobra-aust provide a range of car alarms. Some of the car alarms provided by us are so convenient that you can integrate it with your Smart phone. Thus, you can control and monitor the car’s security across long range.

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