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If a thief has to steal your car, he has to drive it away. It is practically impossible for him to tow it away. The best way to protect your car is to immobilise your car, while you are away from it. Cobra provides you with advanced immobilisers with a car alarm in Newport. Once installed, your car can only be driven by you or someone you allow explicitly.

System that fits your needs

We provide immobilizers and other systems for different types of cars, no matter whatever the brand of the vehicle might be.

Some of the options include:

  • Install a standalone immobiliser in addition to your existing car alarm system in Newport
  • Upgrade from your current immobilizer with our advanced version that gives you extra protection
  • Install the complete cobra car alarm system, which includes the device with all costs covered

Any of the above options will give you a definite upgrade from your existing vehicle security system. Once you have our system on board, you can outsmart even the most sophisticated thieves around.

Advanced features

From the inside out, our car alarm system is packed with mechanisms to secure your car that other systems simply cannot offer. Here is a peek at how our system protects your car

  • Once you leave the car, the ignition system is turned off and locked
  • In addition to that, the fuel pump is also locked, which secures your car further
  • If any movement detected inside the car when you are away, the system sends you an SMS alert through our online console.

With such level of security in your car alarm in Newport, there is simply no way anybody can move your car without your awareness.

Secure and reliable systems

Cobra Systems is made of the finest security systems that have been engineered by experts. We have been making auto alarms for our customers for many years. If you want a state of the art car alarm system in Newport, please email or give us a call. We will be glad to help you to find the right model that matches your vehicle.


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