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Car thieves have become quite smarter, and adopt new techniques to break the alarm system installed in your car. In order to be completely safe, you need something better than the basic security that your car comes with. This is where Cobra car alarm in Auburn comes into picture.

At Cobra, we engineer the safest car alarm systems in the world and provide them to you at reasonable prices. Tens of thousands of cars around the world are safer, thanks to our excellent car alarms.

Benefits of our alarm system

One of the most advanced parts of Cobra car alarm system is the sensors that detect movement. If you not in the car and there is movement around, then there are chances that there is someone trying to enter into your car. In this case, the car alarm automatically gets activate and sends you an SMS alert.

Here is how it keeps your car and its valuables safe:

  • Two sensors on either side of the car that tracks the movements of a stranger
  • The internal sensor in our car alarm system in Auburn immediately detects, if somebody breaks your car window and alerts you
  • Microwave sensors detect thieves for convertibles, so even if your roof is open, nobody can steal anything from it
  • The Volumatic sensor detects noises created when somebody bang your car or tries to break the window

With all kinds of protections in place, there is no way anybody can break into your car and get away with it.

Why Cobra

We at Cobra give you the better value for money than any other car alarm in Auburn. We have been serving customers all over the world and have made thousands of cars safer.

  • Our two year warranty covers all parts of the system for damage and other faults
  • You get instant access to our 24/7 customer support for any assistance
  • Given the additional layers of security, our systems are very affordable and great value for money.

If you would like to learn more about car alarm system in Auburn, please do give us a call or email us. One of our experts will find the right kind of car alarm for your vehicle.


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