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Car Alarms- Need of the hour

From early times, cars are one of the targets for thieves. Cars are costly and its parts are easy to resell due to which incidents of car theft have been increased. Various devices have been made in the name of car security. These security devices are the Car Alarms which produce high volume sound with flashing of headlights when someone tries to do any mischief. Hi-tech security systems also notify the car’s owner through paging system or interrupt the electrical circuits necessary to start the car. So it is good to invest in these car security systems.

After buying a brand new car, one always thinks about its security so car alarms are installed in the cars. Car Alarms are divided into two types:-

  • OEM Alarms – These are in-built alarms installed in the vehicle at the factories.
  • After market alarms – These are installed into the cars after its manufacturing at any time.

These Car Alarm Systems are connected to sensors as when a person opens a door, siren start producing sound as these sensors send signals to sirens. Some car sensors have touch sensitivity so when any thief touches the car it starts producing loud sounds accompanied with head light flashing which would frighten the thief. These security systems also have on/off switch so the owner could easily switch it off according to the requirement. Some security system also possesses GPS so in case of any robbery police can easily track the location of the car and can recover it. Owner can also store the police or their own cell number and in case of any robbery the security system would send the news about it.

Car Security Systems

A Car Alarm system is an electronic system fitted in the car to prevent theft of car or its parts. Different components of the alarm system enable it to function properly. The modern alarm systems include number of components such as switches, pressure sensors, motion detectors, radio receiver, siren, auxiliary batteries and computer control unit.

It has become more important today that the car alarms do more than simply producing a sound. Many car alarms have come as a complete security system. Along with sound, they also alert you by sending message to the remote in case of any disturbance which alerts you to stop the car’s engine from running and prevent your vehicle from stealing. There are sensors installed in your car in auto vehicle security systems which alert you immediately if the door remains open or if someone attempts to steal the tires by applying jack to the car. The remotes of these systems send detailed messages of exact happening with the car.

Car Alarm systems can be chosen on the basis of following criteria:-

  • Remote control should have a long range so you could use its air conditioner or heater to make it suitable to ride.
  • Security systems should have long life and warranty.
  • Security systems must be easy to install. They should not have unnecessary wiring.
  • They should be easy to use and perform all necessary functions required for security of vehicle.

Cobra alarms are the finest retailers of car security systems in Australia. If you want complete security of your car, you can happily trust them.

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