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Car Alarm Fitting and Installation Sydney

Your car, small or big, is one of your most valuable assets. A car alarm system is usually installed by default on new cars sold in Sydney and elsewhere in the country. However, most such systems are quite basic, and they don’t provide foolproof protection to your car. We provide advanced car alarm fitting Sydney at competitive prices.

The risks of DIY

Many people buy systems and install car alarm Sydney by themselves. However, there are many risks involved in doing so.

Here are a few of them:

  • There are many parts to a car alarm system that must be connected in a precise manner and this is difficult to do without proper knowledge
  • You might not be aware of how to safeguard the alarm system from tampering
  • If something goes wrong a few weeks or months with your DIY installation, you will end up paying higher prices for repair
  • Although your car is insured, your valuable possessions inside the car are not, so in case of theft, you stand to lose a lot

The professional installation

The professionals provide expert services for car alarm installation Sydney. Here is how you stand to benefit through our alarm fitting experts:

  • We design highly secured systems that are safe from modern tampering, so nobody can disable the alarm, unless they have the remote and pass code
  • Our installation comes with a one year warranty, so you can be rest assured about the safety of your car. In case your alarm system doesn’t work for some reasons, we will repair or replace it for free
  • We give you additional protection features that off-the-shelf parts and default alarm systems do not give you.
  • We provide you with multiple safeguards methods, so if one of the system fails to work, your alarm system will still warn you

Advanced features

Here are some of the things that our car alarm fitting Sydney services provide you with -

  • Auto page feature helps you to keep a track of your vehicle 24 hours a day. In case you cannot find your vehicle, you can track it through the internet via a console
  • Ultrasonic sensors will detect any hint of movement in your car, when you are not around. There is no way a thief can get into your car without tripping the alarm.
  • Our level reference sensors will even tell you whether your car is mobile or being towed.
  • The alarm systems will SMS alerts from your car, which will let you know that there is something wrong

Save time and money

We are one of the most trusted companies for car alarm installation Sydney and have fitted systems for thousands of cars in the city. With our professional service, you save a lot of time. We respond within 24 hours of your call or email.

Although our systems are failsafe, our strong warranty gives you an additional level of assurance. You will spend zero time worrying about car theft, instead use the time to travel and enjoy life.


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